Our Story

Cieladito’s is currently located at 7782 Wiles Rd, Coral Springs, FL, 33067. Order your favorite Mexican ice and more, all with the click of a button

Dulce and Shane are the true joining of America and Mexico.  They married while Shane was in the Army. Shortly thereafter, Dulce became an American Citizen.  They have four children who grew up in a home where American and Mexican cultures have been celebrated.

​The dream of Cieladito’s came out of a need to have traditional high-quality Mexican flavors, in a clean environment, with reasonable prices, and a high level of customer service.

​Beyond the food, Dulce and Shane strive to bring Mexico to Coral Springs and beyond.  The true hope is to share the best treats Mexico has to offer right here.


Our products are made from the finest ingredients.  We use local ingredients where possible and our dairy is always from Florida farmers with no GMOs.  The coconut used in our ice creams is straight from Broward County! All our ice creams are made in-house usually in the last couple of days!


Chamoyadas are the most requested item at Cieladito’s.  The number one Chamoyada is called a Mangonada.

Chamoyadas are a blend of Mexican Ice with Chamoy, (Chamoy is a blend of fruits that give a tangy taste), fruit, and Tajin (a Mexican spice).  Chamoyadas can be made with any Mexican Ice with fruits.

Helado (Ice Cream)

Our ice creams principally are of a Latin Flavor.  We have flavors like: Gansito, Mexican Vanilla (Mantecado), Maria Cookie, Flan, Lucuma, and more.   For our Jamaican friends, we have Grapenut! For those that want to stay with an American flavor we have chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and an AMAZING Cookies and Cream.

Nieves (Mexican Ice)

Nieves are made with fruit. The flavors are typical to Latin America.  Some of the flavors include Lime (hand-squeezed), Tamarind (hand-peeled), Passion Fruit, Mango, and more.  Like Ice Cream, all the Mexican Ice is made right here in-house!

Shaved Ice (Raspados)

Our shaved ice is at the finest setting.  It really is like snow! We have a variety of syrups we put on the Shaved Ice that have a Latin Flair.  There are flavors like Lime, tamarind, and more!

Chamoy Candies

Last, but certainly not least, we have a wide variety of Mexican candies!  These are also made in-house and sell out quickly.  Get them while you can 😊

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